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We specialize in providing innovative connectivity solutions to Medical and Telecom customers in US and Canada.

Vitex is a technology solution provider headquartered in New Jersey since 2003. Our high-quality fiber optic products are being used by tier 1 and tier 2 companies in medical, telecom and datacenter applications.

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We build strong partnerships with cutting edge manufacturers to deliver innovative products to US customers.

Fever Detection System is manufactured by a leading security systems company in South Korea. It was developed several years ago for thermal monitoring at critical facilities like power plants. Kepco (Korea’s largest electric power supply company) was one of the first customers to deploy the system in their plants for continuous heat monitoring.

When COVID-19 started to infect people around the globe, South Korea imposed strict regulations to stop the spread. Major hospitals and other organizations in Korea now use Fever Detection System (FDS) in their facilities to screen febrile individuals.

At Vitex, we take pride in our exceptional customer support. For assistance, please call us at 201-296-0145.

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